Sujatha Balasundaram

I have always enjoyed expressing myself visually. I have doodled on notes, lists and letters. I have seen my kids as young as 3 and 4 express themselves through art. Through my children I re-experienced the power of visual art in thinking, comprehending, re-telling and expression. That’s what I want to offer the world – the freedom to express themselves and create the space to commune with God as you create.

Selah Art

Selah is a Hebrew word which means “to stop and listen” or “to pause and think”. So how do you, ‘stop and listen’ or ‘pause and think’?

I almost always think with a writing tool in my hand (drawing). The lines, the scribbles, the ‘sckwiggles’, the doodles were ways to pause, to reflect and focus on the thought.

I have found the use of lines and patterns to give me a sense of calm and allow me the freedom to commune with the Holy Spirit while creating. I have also seen its effects in my children. These moments of ‘Selah’ with lines and patterns also give me a way to share my story or my thoughts. Come share this world with me.

What I do

Webinars/ Workshops


Art Products

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My Experiences

Founder of Artresponses
(2015 – present)
Artresponses hosts two initiatives for the well being of the whole person. Peepal Arts is an initiative that uses the arts to enhance Emotional Intelligence. Selah Art is a faith based initiative with a focus on spiritual discipleship.

Children’s Ministry Director – SpringWoods UMC
(2015- 2016)
Directed the Children’s ministry team at Spring Woods UMC, Houston, Texas.

Multimedia Supervisor – Asbury Theological Seminary
(2000 – 2005)
Rose from the ranks of technical support to supervising graphic projects to assist professors at the seminary

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